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Message From principal

Posted on: 2019-06-12

Education is the third eye of human beings. People of the whole country have right to education. But children of working class and downtrodden people do not have equal opportunity of education in Nepal.
Gyankunj is striving to connect education with productive labor, enabling the new generation to lead the 21st century, and encouraging them to serve people and country with honesty. The fee structure is comparatively lower than other private sector's institutions. Therefore, I appeal all the students to join in this institution and come out as civilized and culturally rich citizen receiving higher education.
Education enlightens our life. We are here to provide quality education at affordable fee to all working class people and to make students self confident, self disciplined and self reliant by stressing the value of education and making students responsible towards country and people. We are trying our best to achieve the best result by optimum use of available resources.
We are working to provide the best education in peaceful and full-fledged academic environment. With the support of the local people of Banepa, social workers, politicians and educationists, we are aiming at the success of the students.
Only sufficient academic apparatuses in the laboratories but also strongly supported by the dedicated and experienced team in every faculty.
I invite New Admission for School Level Play Group to Grade Nine, Grade XI and Grade XII, BBS and MBS of management to Gyankunj College for their further studies.

Thanking you.