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About Gyankunja

GYANKUNJ SHAIKSHIK PRATISTHAN (GSP) IS A Pioneering institution committed to impart knowledge, skill, culture and values to its students. In our 10 years history, since our inception in 2003, we have been able to establish it as one of the most covetous learning center where our learners are prepared to explore new avenues of higher study in this highly competitive global world.

Many more students have school/college graduated from this institute so far, many of them are pursuing their future studies abroad in reputed Universities, and some are pursuing medical science, engineering, management and social science here in Nepal.

GSP claims that is distinctive because of its conducive teaching-learning environment, marvelous infrastructure, individual attention, flexible programmes, ample learning resources, sports and recreational facilities and exceptional care. GSP boasts of its qualified and professional teaching faculty who are committed to relate the values and understanding of students’ faith to the academic field they represent.


GSP aspires to create a center for excellence in higher education that empowers learners to enrich the social, cultural and economic vitality of our society and the global community.


GSP’s mission is to provide high quality, relevant and the best educational opportunities for the intellectual, cultural and personal growth of all members of its community. The college values its role as an educational leader, embracing change and responding to global needs.